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Hello Lovely Friend!

Thank you for popping by! This is my little way of officially welcoming you to my part of the internet.. It’s such a big wide internet world, it makes me so happy to know you have found your way across to my little spot!

I’m Sinead, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ten points to your chosen Hogwarts house if you can pronounce it properly first try.. Think of it as Sh-i-nade and you’ll get it right every time..

I’m eighteen years old and let’s be honest here; majority of the time I feel about 30, passionate about all things creative and trying with all my might to live a life worthy of my Β Saviour.

I’ve had a book or a piece of paper and pencils in front of me, I swear, since birth. I love to read and write, I love to draw and colour. Which I guess is my way of explaining why I decided to start a blog and how I managed to find myself in the creative entreprenuer world after high school.

I try my absolute best to keep things light-hearted and happy all the time, but according to Meredith Grey that’s not mental health that’s “crap”, so there are posts that reflect the truth that life isn’t all daisies. If you don’t like that, skip the post and find another happy one.

As you can probably already tell, I love Harry Potter (he was my main guy in primary and high school), Grey’s Anatomy (I’m basically a surgeon) and just about everything in between.. just please don’t ask me to watch a movie ‘based on a true story’, I will not love you.

If you are interested at all by my design collection (which you can totally buy) pop on over to the page called “Shop the Collection”. At current there isn’t an exact shop you can add things to your cart through, but I accept orders through email, message and even phone calls.

I’d absolutely love to chat with you so definitely, contact me! I love having conversations with people about life!

Sinead X


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