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There’s Always a Reason to Smile

Hello Sweet People,

I hope you’ve all been having a great time in life! I know that school has gone back and while that is totally boring (unless you’re like me and getting good grades makes your world the bomb diggity).

I wanted to share Β few things with you this Monday evening…

  1. A little encouragement for your week.
  2. My plan for blog posts
  3. Top 3 reasons to smile today

So without further ado!

A Little Encouragement for Your Week

This past week for me has carried a few hurdles, and I think most peoples weeks have a few that we either (a) leap over with ease not even realising they are there, (b) jump over missing the rail by a mere centimetre or (c) leap off the wrong foot, twist your ankle and fall on top of the rail you were trying to jump.

Sometimes we even beat ourselves up over missing the railing by a cm, claiming that we’ve fallen on it, however, that is beside the point.

This week I think I have managed to do all three. Yay, phew and oh no.

What I want to encourage you with though is; it doesn’t matter whether you leap, barely miss or fall on your face. The minute after it happens is a fresh minute, the hour after it happens is a fresh hour, the day after it happens is a fresh day.

Don’t beat yourself up for something that goes wrong, but don’t let something that goes right rule your thought process.

Don’t let your stumble or trip define the rest of your week, brush it off, lift your head up and keep walking. Just keep walking, just keep walking, walking, walking, what shall we do, we’ll walk, walk,Β walk. #canyoutellilovedory ?

It’s almost a song that defines my family, we’ll sing it in the car, we’ll sing it through the house.

Raise your head, look past the just-miss or fall and walk on. Let that define your week. Your resilience, your determination, your strength.

The Blog Post Plan

I’m a big planner, I plan things and plan things and I find that if I don’t tell people – planning is where the process stops. Reliability is a major thing, having told someone what my plan is; I have an even stronger motivation to hold myself to it.

Therefore; I present to you “The Blog Post Plan”

Sundays are going to be: Motivation for the week

Tuesdays are going to be: Series Post

Fridays are going to be: Friday Favourites

I guess you’ll have to wait and see what each other those mean..Β You’ll find out next week.

Top 3 Reasons to Smile Today

Numero Uno: You are loved.

Numero Dos: You are strong.

Numero Tres: You have got this!

Sinead X



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