Hello Sweet People,

I’m afraid I’ve been a little bit off the bandwagon on uploading blog posts.. Such well-laid plans in the beginning.

So, I thought I would come and say hello, again. Plus, let you in on a little something exciting!

I am officially able to unveil one of my exciting projects! Drum roll, pleeeaasseee!

You can now officially order standard designs or custom designed ….. MUGS!!!

I am now officially designing, printing and creating Grace & Honeycomb Mugs!

Below are just some of the designs that I have available at the current moment, but I am able to custom create you a design!

The designed mugs above (design I have already created) are available for $15.

If you want a mug custom designed; such as a family photo and little saying, a quote and graphic pieces that you like, a business logo, etc; those are $22.

If you want one of these little beauties (and you live in Australia, I can only ship within Australia at this stage) pop through an email ( with the mug that you want or a private message on Facebook (if we’re friends) or even an Instagram message :D.

I don’t quite have an order now button set up yet, but I just couldn’t wait to let you all know! I am working on an Etsy store so that you can pop through an order really quickly and easily.

I hope you like these, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Sinead X


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