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Faith: How I Came To Know God

Hello Sweet People,

For this months’ series I wanted to cover something that is especially close to my heart. My faith. So to kick us off this month, I thought I could share with you – How I Came to Know God.


I grew up in a family that always believed in there being ‘something more’. For a long time we believed in angels and fairies and crystals. So I’d always had an open mind to the idea of ‘something bigger than us’.

It was around my fifteenth birthday actually, that our family as a whole went through a really difficult time there was a lot of strain in our family because we were living in different towns and there were lots of little problems with our business where my Dad was.

(I want to clarify really quickly that my parents didn’t separate. Mum, my sister and I moved into a bigger town for high school and Dad stayed in our previous town to keep our business working.)

It came to a point where my Mum was really struggling and I guess I was too. It was a massive transitional year at school and friends were really difficult to navigate.

We had a dear friend who lives in New South Wales introduce Mum to the Lord and she accepted Him as her Savior before I was even open to the idea and I’m thankful everyday that she did and that our friend was so bold in her sharing of God’s love.

God prompted this beautiful lady to send me (who did not accept God at that point) a boxful of faith-filled books as a little gift (it was so not little, but anyway). From that box, I was appreciative, but so totally skeptical; I pulled all the books out, stacked them on my dresser and moved right along. Basically at that time, refusing to read any of them.

I walked past this stack of books everyday, multiple times throughout the day. There was one particular book that caught my eye every time I walked past and I had this intense urge to read it; I’d occasionally pick it up read the back and put it back down thinking “Nope, not for me”.

Eventually I gave in one morning and packed it in my school bag to read on the bus. It was a forty-five minute bus ride, so needless to say I could get a heck of a lot of reading done.

From the day I opened that book – I couldn’t put it down. I was mesmerized by the way that the author spoke of God’s love and direction in her life. I was in awe of the way that God had used her to make a change in the world.

I think one morning, a few days later, I sat on the bus with the book in my lap and thought: “That’s what I want. I want what God gave this girl. I want the God that this girl has.”

I agreed to go to church with my Mum and I decided that day that I wanted the loving, caring God that everyone spoke about; the God that created me, and wants to know me like I’m the only person in the world

I remember sitting in my lounge room that night, with such a broken heart and beginning to cry because I’d had such an amazing day in what I now know as God’s presence. I cried at the idea of having to go back to school where all my ‘friends’ swore, teased little kids, complained about people behind their backs and were anything but nice.

I had met God and I didn’t want to meet anyone else.

I slowly came to know about the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, how it affected me. To know about Jesus’ ministry on earth before his crucifixion, his love for all people and the immenseness of His love for me.

I still don’t know everything, and I won’t ever. That’s just the way it is. My adopted Aunty (who sent me all the books) often tells me:

“Sweetheart, if you knew everything there is to know about God and all the plans He has for you; your head would explode and there would be no need to trust and speak with Him.”

My path to knowing God is continuous, but the beginning is honestly still blurry three years later; so that may be why it seems a little messy and hard to understand.

There are a lot of people who have a light bulb moment, say the Salvation Prayer and they’re on their way. I didn’t have that happen, it was a gradual process; almost like I slowly moved closer towards the light bulb and then one day I had it in my hands and I was walking with it.

I don’t know if that makes complete sense; I’ve had moments where I haven’t felt like I was a true “Christian” because I don’t have a definitive moment that I remember, however, I always feel the spirit nudge me and remind me that its all about my Jesus’ forgiveness, not anything I can do.

Its not my salvation prayer, water baptism, or tear-filled prayers that saves me, its my Saviors love, grace and forgiveness that He won for me on the cross.

I love the scripture I recently found that says: “You didn’t choose me. I chose you.” (John 15:16).

And that’s all there is to it, that’s the messy, beautiful way I came to know God.

I’d love to hear about your meeting with God, and how you came to accept Him as your Savior, testimonies are the most encouraging story we can share.

Sinead X


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