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Faith: Daisies & Sunshine?

Hello Sweet People,

I sure hope you enjoyed the first post for our Faith Series for this month. I love talking about my faith and encouraging people in the Lord, they are some of the easiest blog posts for me to write, because they are just straight from my heart.

I wanted to share with you all today, what comes after that decision to follow Christ. I feel like the world has this mentality that the moment someone accepts the Lord, life becomes the peachiest, sunniest run through the field of daisies and life is just perfect; our faith in God can often make things feel that way – but sometimes our relationships with other people may not be that way in the transition period.

That’s not to say however, that it’s the same way for everyone. It does in fact become daisy fields and sunshine for a lot of people.

After I accepted the Lord into my heart and life, I was walking on this joy cloud. My heart was in The Lords hands and it couldn’t be accessed unless I gave people permission. I was so happy inside myself, but I wasn’t.

I know what you’re thinking… “Umm, that doesn’t make sense, Hun. That’s just a contradiction of itself.”

In the weeks of reading the book I spoke of in the last blog post, I found myself sitting in the Lords presence so much that when I found myself outside of it I couldn’t handle it.

As a baby believer, I didn’t know that I could carry the Lord’s presence with me everywhere I went. It didn’t just stop. I wish I had known it back then.

When I went to school, I felt like I left God’s love. I felt like I got lost again.

I alienated myself from my friends at school in an attempt to protect my heart. What I didn’t realize was that, God couldn’t reach them if I shut myself away from them. I wasn’t letting anyone see the change that God was making in my heart; if anything I was giving the illusion that by coming to know God, people became distant and nasty.

The thing I realize now is that I could have chosen to let things roll out in a very different way. I could have continued to be the same person a school and just been a believer on the bus and at home, the last thing I wanted was to be a Sunday Christian. I chose to walk away from my friendships, I chose to spend my lunch breaks alone in the library doing school work, and I chose to listen to worship music during class. Everything in life is a choice.

It can be a confusing time for the short while after choosing to hand your life over to God, especially if you haven’t grown up in a believing family. It’s a process of finding the balance in your life, changing habits and making new ones, sometimes it’s even a process of removing people from your life that aren’t healthy.

The thing to remember through it all though is that God is with you every step of the way, He doesn’t leave your side in the difficulty, He loves you with everything that He is, pours out endless grace to you and grants you eternal forgiveness in every moment.

That’s something that I learnt through that period of time. I came to feel His peace throughout the day, I was in a dark place emotionally but I had God’s peace in the darkness, I knew He loved me and that everything was going to be okay.

It was eventually, He bought me into a new season and sense of self, which with it came new adventures, friends and revelations; that’s for another blog post though.

I find that talking about my experience and testimony strengthens my trust in God and hearing other peoples testimonies of Him increase my love and belief in Him too.

I’d love to hear about your transition period after accepting the Lord! Was it easy, fun, difficult?

Sinead X



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