Faith: The Heavenly Response


Hello lovely people!

Can we just acknowledge quickly that I have finally managed to stick to a schedule of uploading a blog post for ya’ll every Tuesday?! I mean, I’ve finally managed to get almost all of the posts for a series up! This week I wanted to cover something that I think we all think about.

What is my purpose?

For the past two years, I’ve been questioning God as to what my purpose is? I mean, I’m eighteen and all my friends have been choosing careers, boyfriends/girlfriends (some even husbands/wives), universities, towns, the list goes on..

I’ve struggled so much, to grasp a clear picture on what I was meant to be doing – everyone else knows their path for the next few years and I feel like I’m looking at all these different options that I could go after, getting to a certain point and then getting bored and changing my mind… I’m nothing if not honest.

For a while, I got really angry with God because He wasn’t giving me an answer – I even stopped talking to Him for a while because I felt like every time I spoke to him, I was getting more worked up and frustrated at my lack of direction.

I was talking to my Mum in the car after we’d spent the day with a lovely friend of ours and she shared with me, something that had been shared with her earlier that day – and it impacted me in the moment so hard and fast that I just couldn’t resist the urge to share it with you!

In the past two years where I have been questioning my direction and purpose for life – my Mum has been questioning God is the same way; for different reasons of course.

Mum had spoken to pastors, church leaders, people well versed in their bible, friends and connect group leaders and begged God for an answer to her question.

I had asked teachers, mentors, church youth leaders, friends and also prayed endlessly for an answer.

However, the answer didn’t come in the time we expected (God’s timing is always best) or in the form we expected (He likes to surprise us and see if we are listening, I reckon).


“God’s purpose for us on Earth is to love Him and worship Him with all that we are.”

My purpose isn’t a specific job or career, that’s my vocation, my purpose is to worship the Lord, my God with all my heart, soul and mind and love Him and my neighbors.

The problem was that Mum and I both have been looking for an earthly answer to our question – a direction of career, job, University course or something to that effect.

What we were both not looking for or expecting was a heavenly response. We continuously forgot that God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. We were trying to fit Gods plan into our understanding rather than seeking Gods perspective and plan with hearts full of trust.

That’s it. There is nothing more to it. That is the truth that filled my heart as my Mum shared it with me. Nothing had satisfied my longing spirit more than the word that I received in that moment.

God’s purpose for me is to love and worship Him. My vocation on Earth is wherever I feel I am led to be, whether it’s teaching, preaching, creating a corporate career, writing – it’s something that I’ll find as I fulfill my purpose.

It has been a transformative thought.

I got really upset and down recently after a few people I once knew quite well said some not so nice things about my current path in life and asked my Mum: “Why do I bother? What am I supposed to be doing if it isn’t this?” and instead of giving me an answer she asked:

“What is our purpose? What are we CALLED to do?”

In that exact moment, I whispered: “To love my God with all my heart.”

She smiled and nodded, with a simple: “Then that’s all you are ‘supposed’ to be doing. That is what you have been called to do – who cares what everyone else says”

As I love and worship God; my paths will be made straight.

That is the heavenly response – my purpose, your purpose, our purpose is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind and worship Him (Matt 22:37-38).

Sinead X


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