Life Update!

Hey Ya’ll!

How ya’ doing? I’ve been super duper busy the past week; so much crazy stuff cropped up with my Dad’s work and things that I had to get done that I totally missed getting last weeks blog post up! Bummer!

Anywho! I thought I’d give you all a little update on what is happening in my world!!

We’ve been out helping with one of my Dads projects; totally filling in my quota for daily fitness!


Shameless photo of my awesome building/farm work get-up! I bought new singlets to go under my plaid shirts, so I was pretty stoked that it matched haha!


My Dad has recently been shifting shipping containers around and I helped him back this one into place (left picture) and he then hopped out of the truck looked at how I had guided him and said:

“Nope, not close enough!”

I honestly stood there dumbfounded for a second. The right picture is how close he wanted it to be and got it (without my help) – he is honestly one heck of a truck driver!


I got so grubby climbing up and down trucks, dragging chains around.. and honestly all I could think was that I loved it. Being so dirty from hard work really makes your feel like you’ve achieved something and put in 100% effort!


I clearly felt so strongly about this that I just had to hand letter it and make a little piece for my office pin board out of it!

I’ve been experimenting and playing around a lot recently with hand lettering, calligraphy, water colour and trying to find a way to incorporate it into my mug designs and how I could produce them on a larger scale for people to purchase… Let me know if you have any tips!

I’ve been quite significantly re-evaluating what I want for my life in the past few weeks, how I imagine my life to be and really finding the drive to get that life instead of the one that other people seem to be trying to convince me to want (pst, that’s not cool).

If you’ve ever been in a similar position – let me know some tips haha!

I want to get a little bit more active in posting here, more about my life, the things I get up to, my artwork, my writing, things that make me happy; so that’s going to take a little bit of shuffling priorities and recognising goodness when I see it, so that it can be shared!

Hope you’ve all had a fabulo-so weekend and have an even better week!

Sinead X

P.S. Only 7 weeks until Christmas!!!!!! I’m just a little bit excited!!!!




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