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Life After Graduation

Hello lovely people!

I’ve been super busy the past few weeks with all of your wonderful mug orders, so I haven’t had a chance to actually finish a blog post and put it up; there are a few half written ones though, just sitting waiting for me to get myself together..

One of my wonderful friends graduated from high school on Friday, and I realised that her graduation meant that it had been a year (today) since I had graduated.


It’s a really weird thought! A whole year since I left school… a whole year!

I know the moment I walked off the stage last year, I felt this massive weight lift from my shoulders and it was such a relief to finally be done with that part of my life.

I feel like sometimes we are completely ready to let go of a part of our lives and it can’t come fast enough and other times I think we put off moving on to a new part because it seems like too big of a choice.

I know when I graduated, I was so completely ready to let go of school and everything that came with it..Not because it was bad, but because I was ready to do this my way and live life.

Some thing I’ve learnt in life after graduation is; you have to be bold enough to follow your heart.. The things that make you happy, the things that you’re passionate about, the activities and projects that bring you joy – are part of you for a reason!


It would have to be the number one thing I have learnt this year, be bold enough to follow where your heart is joyous.

Life after graduation is a huge adjustment period, but it has been such a good time of figuring out what I love, the things that I want in my life and the things I don’t, the people I want in my life and the people I don’t..

Also! Don’t be afraid of some of your “best high school friend” not being your best friend in life.. People grow apart and its completely OKAY!

It was definitely little blessings from God that bought things together in my life this year and I know that if I hadn’t been trying to figure out what I enjoyed, then He wouldn’t have been able to push me in the right direction and place blessings in my path to direct me..

So that is my take on life after graduation – I am absolutely amazed that it has been a full year as of today. It has gone so, so quickly (but super slow in some months though) and I can only imagine where I’ll be this time next year..

I’ll have to share a two years on post I guess!

Sinead x

P.S. 34 days until Christmas, so if you want a personalised/customised coffee mug for someone you love this christmas, get in quick! xx


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