What does Christmas mean to me?




Happy first of December!

Welcome to Blogmas Day One!


I am so excited for Christmas, if you haven’t noticed in my little P.S notes in my last blog posts. It’s possibly one of my favourite times of year.

For Blogmas Day One, I thought we’d kick it off with a little What Does Christmas Mean To Me post, to get us into the Christmas spirit!

Australian Christmas’ are so very different from the ones you see on Pinterest and Instagram, the winter wonderland seems so gorgeous – but the insides of our houses are pretty wintery too I guess; just don’t go outside too much unless you thoroughly enjoying sweating on your new clothes and turning the colour of a tomato.

I’d love to be able to say that Christmas to be is about celebrating Jesus’ birthday with my church, with my family and God, however Christmas is really a fun family day. I acknowledge Jesus’ birthday in the morning, however after that it’s all about spending a really nice, calm day with family.

Christmas to me, means waking up at around 4am to run out and see the presents from Santa under the tree, it means having your parents use some kind of magic flour or ice or something to put Santa boot prints in your house and along your driveway and then Santa Sleigh snow marks. Christmas means opening presents before the sun has even risen, it means eating your sweets stocking for breakfast instead of the traditional ham and fancy bits.

It means spending the day indoors in the air condition watching whatever movies we got under the tree and the entire house smelling of the chicken roast cooking and the sound of chocolate coin wrappers being peeled off and scrunched up. It means running outside to play in the sprinkler on the trampoline just to test out your new togs, after assembling your new bike in the lounge room and then racing up and down the street until you’ve turned the colour of a tomato.

It means decorating the pavlova with kiwi fruit and strawberries in an attempt to keep it strictly Christmas themed, and layering the trifle for Dad with only green and red jelly. It means falling in a heap after lunch because you ate way too much only to hear “we have to go and visit Oma and Opa” and be given even more food.

It means family and laughter, food and sweets, sweating from the heat and hiding in the air conditioner all day, going down to the beach and trying to avoid losing layers of skin off your feet from the sand, seeing peoples face light up at the gift you gave them and the joy of getting exactly what you were hoping for that you hadn’t actually told anyone you wanted.

That’s my Christmas. That’s what Christmas means to me.

Happy first day of December and the run up to Christmas! See you tomorrow!

Sinead  x

P.S. Day one, done and dusted – only 24 to go!


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