Christmas Backgrounds! My gift for you!



Welcome to Blogmas Day Twoooooo!

I am so so excited that it is December, can you tell?!

For the second day of Blogmas, I have a gift for you!

I love bringing the festive season into every part of my life, which naturally includes my phone! I love having festive backgrounds and cases and just having a little Christmas spirit everywhere I look!

I have found that finding Christmas backgrounds and wallpapers are way cheaper than going and purchasing a Christmas themed case…

So I have created four FREE downloadable Christmas backgrounds for you all! I figured that there must be some wonderfule people out there that love Christmas just as much as I do, and would love to have a few more Christmas backgrounds to choose from.. so here you go!


If you want these lovely backgrounds to remind you of the Christmas season every time you open your phone, I have a little instruction list for you!

  1. Hold down your finger down on the background that you want and a bar should pop up
  2. Look through the options and find the “Save Image” option
  3. Find it in your Camera Roll/Photo Album and select it
  4. Set as background, they look super great on the lock screen!

Your phone is officially involved in the festive season! Yay!

Have fun with these backgrounds, I can’t wait for you to see the next few little pieces that I have planned to give you in the season of giving!

Sinead x

P.S. 23 days to go!!



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