A Letter to Santa



Welcome to Blogmas Day Four! We’re getting closer to the fun, fun day!

I thought I’d share today my letter to Santa for 2016. I know I’m probably a little bit too grown up for this, but I have a little sister who likes for me to write a list for Santa when she does, so I thought I would share it with you all!

It could stand as inspiration for what you could consider asking for this Christmas!

I find it so difficult every year when my parents ask:

“Well what would you like for Christmas?”

My endless response is:

“Oh, I don’t know – nothing I guess…”

That is suuuuuper helpful, huh?

This year though, I have a few little things on my wishlist, which I thought I would share; just in case you ever have that problem with your parents too and could use a few ideas!

This year for Christmas I wrote to Santa:

Hello Mr Santa Claus,

How are you? I hope the reindeer have behaved themselves this year and the elves haven’t worked too hard.. I know I haven’t used the nicest words all year round and I probably could have done a few more acts of kindness and been nicer to my sister.. but I would really love to find a few special things under the tree this year…

A pair of Stetson Jeans from Sheplers, I found the loveliest pair on the website a few days ago…

A calligraphy set, the fancy pen and ink pot kind

A new book of lettering papersΒ 

I’d so love a lettering kit, just to expand my skills


Maybe just a little stocking of chocolate treats?

Thank you Santa, please say hello to Mrs Claus for me..Β 

Love Sinead.. x

We always write an official letter to go with our lists rather than just demanding to recieve presents. It seems sort of silly and little bit kiddish, but it is just a tradition that we have created ever since I was little and then again when my sister was born.

Do you have a special list you make every year for Christmas?

Sinead x

P.S. Twenty-one days left!!! EEEEEEE!


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