Juggling Responsibilities in the Festive Season



Welcome to Blogmas Day Seven!!! We are officially, one week down! Wooooo!

Today’s Blogmas post is a little bit different.. I’d had something really cool and fab planned, but I figured that this post was a heck of a lot more relatable than my original idea.

I know so many people for whom the festive season isn’t a beautiful walk in a softly snow littered ground surrounded by twinkling lights. In fact, it’s more like walking through the main drag of “Horror and Flames.” If that is you, I feel ya’.

At this point, 18 days away from Christmas, we are moving house. Majority of my clothes are in boxes. My bed is currently a mattress on the floor, and half of our kitchen is in the new house and the other half is at the old house. At this point, I don’t wanna even begin to think about Christmas shopping.

I’m not stressing about it by any means, but I thought whilst being festive and spreading Christmas cheer is so important we have to keep our eyes on reality.

Life happens.

We have responsibilities that we have to keep in check. For some it is work commitments, social gatherings, study and family; and all we really want to do is eat Christmas baking in front of Netflix marathons… am I right?!

I feel like in the holidays our responsibilities double. People to catch up with, gifts to give, people to thank for their gifts and friendship, events to plan, organise and host, commitments to fill for work and friends and even family. It’s the busiest time of year.

So! Let’s make a list of the most important things to focus on, to get through the Christmas period!

Here’s mine:

1. Finish moving house

2. Put up the Tree and decorations

3. Presents for family

4. Finish BLOGMAS!

5. Rest in the present moment without racing ahead mentally!

Prioritise, get the most important things done and then curl up in front of Netflix πŸ˜›

I really wanted to be honest and real with you all that even though BLOGMAS makes it seem like my December is so festive and bright – I haven’t even put my tree up yet because I’m in between two houses. And that’s OKAY!

Prioritise, Do, Rest!

Sinead x

P.S. 18 Days to goooooooo!!!!


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