The Australian Christmas Bucketlist



Welcome to Blogmas Day Eight!!! YAY!

How is it Day Eight already?! We’ve already finished a week of December!

Blogmas Day Eight is a Christmassy Blog Post about Things to do in Australia for Christmas!

We don’t get a winter wonderland over here, we get heat, sun, sand (if you’re near the beach), if you’re lucky a downpour of rain and sunburn.

I had a fair few Christmas Bucketlists pop up and as I read through them, all I could think was: “Nope, nope, ah maybe, nope, nope, nope.” Most of them didn’t apply to the Australian climate, so I bunkered down and decided to write one!

Things to do in Australia for Christmas also known as The Aussie Christmas Bucketlist!

  1. Build a sandman (a sandy snowman)
  2. Make a Christmas Wreath Pavlova
  3. A Christmas BBQ Party (you can find alot of food recipes and decor on Pinterest)
  4. Play Beach Cricket
  5. Have a pool party (totally head to Pinterest for pointers)
  6. Attend Carols by Candlelight
  7. Find a Woolworths Carols in the Domain and GO!
  8. Make a fairy bread Christmas tree
  9. Decorate the house with lights
  10. Go light touring through your town (maybe even walk, at least it will be a little cooler in the evening)
  11. Decorate the christmas tree with Aussie themed ornaments
  12. Write a letter to Santa (it doesn’t matter how old you are, just do it)
  13. Get a photo with Santa
  14. Dress up with friends and head to the beach as Christmas characters
  15. Make a Santa face with fish and chips at the beach
  16. Make frozen christmas treats (head on over to Pinterest again)
  17. Get a blow up kangaroo and decorate it to look like Santa
  18. Use gumnuts to make a Christmas wreath for the front door
  19. Decorate your own Australian themed stockings
  20. Find Oz Christmas colouring pages

So that is 2o things to do in Australia to start feeling festive for Christmas! And they can be done in Australia!

Happy Blogmas!

Sinead x

P.S.Β Eight days down, seventeen to go!


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