Printable Santa Letter



Welcome to Blogmas Day Nine! How fast has this come?! I feel like it’s disappearing so, so quickly!

Being a Friday, one of the most joyous days of the week! I wanted to give you a FREEBIE!

Every year my sister sits at the computer with me for what feels like hours trying to find the “perfect” printable letter to Santa. This year, was no different..

However, I didn’t let it go on for too long this year, when I realised that I could so easily create her one, that was exactly as she wanted it. She’s such a sweet little one and had a specific design in her mind for her letter, that made it much easier for me to just create i for her.

So, I want to share another Santa Letter Printable with you to add to the thousands that are already out there, but why not?!


We only wanted a few lines, five main gifts or presents that she truly wanted. It keeps it simple and less time consuming for Santa to pick which ones are more important.

If you would like to download one of these for your little munchkin, or even maybe yourself, here are a few little instructions.

  1. Right click the image that you would like to print out for your letter
  2. Select “Save” and choose where you would like it to save to
  3. Go into the folder that you saved the image into
  4. Right click the image
  5. Choose “Print”
  6. Print the image at A4 size and you’re all set!

Happy Letter Writing!

Sinead x

P.S. Sixteen days to go, only sixteen days! Two weeks, two days!


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