Favourite Parts of Christmas




Welcome to Blogmas day TEN!

I wanted to share today, some of my favourite parts of Christmas. We all do different things with family, friends, work colleagues and even by ourselves in the days leading up to Christmas day, and I must say that I have certain parts that I absolutely love!

I absolutely love working on gifts for family and friends, one of my favourite parts of Christmas is making people hand-made presents. One Christmas, I made Mum and Dad a family movie/slideshow to music and burnt it to a disc.

I also really enjoy watching YouTubers do Vlogmas! I love watching the things they do in the run up to Christmas! It also gets me into the Christmas spirit more, because I see other people being festive and make more of an effort to be festive myself!

Another of my favourite parts of Christmas is the baking. When I was little and we lived near my great-grandparents and grandparents, I used to watch my Nan make the pudding and hang it in the downstairs bathroom, I used to help my Mum and Nan bake the Christmas cake (I loved licking the bowl, the best part)! Then we would bake rum balls and the leg of ham, and just the baking in general was on of my favourite parts!

Definitely another favourite is decorating the Christmas tree! We used to make a day of the doing the tree, put on a Christmas movie and do the tree while we watched the movie. I remeber the first time my sister was able to help me with the tree I got so frustrated because she didn’t do it the same as I did and I got so annoyed, it’s funny now but it wasn’t back then.

I also love that when you walk into the shopping centres, there are decorations everywhere and people are dressed with santa hats and cute outfits and there is Christmas music playing over the speakers! Makes Christmas shopping feel so festive and fun!

We’ve never been a family that goes to Christmas parties, or throws them – but I do really love spending Christmas day with my parents and sister. Our extended family live really far away, so its usually just us and I really do love spending the time with them!

That’s really my main favourite parts. The music, the decorating, the Vlogmas videos, the baking and family.

Sinead x

P.S. Fifteen days to gooooooo! YAY! Feeling festive yet?!


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