My Pinterest Christmas



Welcome to Blogmas Day Eleven!

So, just like a very large amount of people on the internet, I absolutely love Pinterest. I don’t pin things everyday, but I am on there most days. I love looking for little do-it-yourself crafts or new outfit ideas or even party themes and decorations.

I have a board on my Pinterest called “Merry” which is basically my little section of things that I imagine my Christmas looking like. It is filled with recipes, decoration ideas, gift ideas, watercolour and paint pieces, gorgeous Christmas photography, Christmas fonts, Christmas quotes and wallpaper, mini little festive season bucket list bits and pieces and even a few little Christmas outfit ideas (mainly wintery ones, but oh well).

I was thinking that it would be exciting to share a few little bits and pieces from my “Merry” pin board in a blog post, to show you the things I like, bits and bobs I might be making for our house this Christmas (or have made already), little recipes that I have made a gifted to people and potential winter wonderland outfits (that may work for you if you are in a wintery part of the world).

First Up: Recipes

I loved these three recipes most! I so desperately want to make a Christmas Tree Pancake Stack on Christmas morning for my sister! I honestly thing she would love it..

I thought the coconut snowballs would be super fun and a slightly healthier than a rum ball.

Then the Santa crunch would be awesome from Friday Night movie night! A nice little Christmas film and Santa popcorn!

Secondly: Decor

I have a thing for ‘JOY’, is it obvious? We have a tendancy to keep jars whether its spaghetti sauce or coconut oil – we clean and keep, so i thought a little craft that could turn them into Christmas decor would be cute!

Then the joy board, isn’t it just adorable! Nuff said.

My Mum actually found this little wine glass craft on Facebook, tagged me and then I found it on Pinterest! We don’t really drink, so it would be such a cute way to repurpose them over the Christmas season and add a little festivity to another part of the house.

Third: DIY

I love image tutorials! They are my favourite! So simple to follow and understand! I’m much more of a visual person than words, so images to follow is much easier than instructions.

First was the pinecone trees, how cute! Then the string baubles, I want to make a line of them to hang off my bed head/end (let’s be honest I can totally hang them all year round). I also absolutely loved the twig stars, it’s such a nice way to reuse tree twigs and keep decorations natural!

Next Up: Printables & Bucketlists

Christmas Colouring Pages are an essential for December, right? My sister and I absolutely love them! Colouring is so calming and simple, so if there are Christmas themed ones, its just perfect!

I felt like an Aussie Christmas Print was just too good to not re-pin.

Then a little Country Living Christmas Bucketlist (for all your winter wonderland festive people)! There are some really sweet little ideas on there for random acts of kindness, baking, activities, parties – so many bits of goodness!

Last but definitely not Least: Gifting & Wrapping

The Perfect Bow, who doesn’t want a perfect bow on their Christmas gifts?! A gorgeous little Mint Sugar Scrub to bless someone with this Christmas, I found it and thought it would be just the perfect little jar of goodness. Then, the repurposing of empty toilet rolls into gift boxes, how awesome!

So that’s that! There are way more pins in my ‘Merry‘ board, but those are some of my favourite bits and pieces that I thought your might like! You’ll probably even see some double ups there of pieces that we’ve actually done in our house for Christmas decor this year too!

Sinead x

P.S. Only 14 days to go! Eeek!


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