Holiday Conversations



aaaaand Welcome to Blogmas Day Thirteen!

I feel like it’s during the Holiday season that families actually take the time to sit and have conversations together and I’ve always noticed that whenever our family does that, it is crazy hilarious!

Being that we are in the middle of moving house and we have been eating dinner on mattresses on the floor, it’s safe to say we’ve been having some funny and interesting conversations.

We were having a serious conversation about the things my Dad’s friends business and how he had a few things at auction.. when all of sudden my sister pipes up…

“We could sell you, Dad”

We looked at her for a moment, all of us trying to understand what planet she was on. We often joke with each other that we’all just sell a particular family member, whenever something silly or bad happens.

“What on earth do you mean?” My mum asked.

“Well, that’s what divorce is, isn’t it?”

“But we’re not getting a divorce.” My Dad commented.

“Nah, but that’s how divorce works isn’t it? The wife takes the husband to auction?”

She was completely serious. Her innocent child stare awaiting our response was priceless and we all instantly started laughing.

“Well, I guess. Sort of” Mum choked out through laughter. “Yeah. That’s a good way of looking at it kiddo, the wife sends him away and gets to keep some money.”

At this point, we’d repeated the phrase – well that’s divorce, send the husband to auction – so many times we couldn’t keep the laughter at bay.

I mean, it probably doesn’t even make that much sense to any of you and may even seem a little bit harsh or brass. However, our family is extremely open to conversations about the non-spoken-about and ‘difficult’ topics because life isn’t without difficulties. We speak freely and make metaphors for hard situations funny to cope/understand. It’s just how we are.

This is just one of the crazy conversations that has come out of our house moving and holiday chit-chat – it would be spectacular to catch these moments on film, but they often pop up out of nowhere!

Keeps us on our toes!

So this is just one of our crazy holidays conversations, I’d love to hear one of yours!

Sinead x

P.S. 12 days to go!! Woooooo!!


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