Favourite things to bake at Christmas



Welcome to Blogmas Day Fourteen!

I don’t know about you.. but I absolutely love Christmas baking! I remember when I was little before we even got to December, my Nan was preparing the pudding and hanging it in the shower to do its thing and then the whole of December was baking and eating and chatting and playing.

We used to make rum balls, Christmas fruit cake, mince pies (gonna be honest we buy then now, it’s way cheaper), and then a few other savoury treats in between. Of course as a little human, I got to lick the bowl, the spoon, the beaters and the spatulas!!

I figured that since baking is such a big part of my Christmas, I’d share some of my favourite things to bake!

1. Rum Balls


These little balls of yum, are a million times better when you roll them in proper Dutch chocolate sprinkles.. they are so, so delicious and super fun to make!

2. Apricot Balls


Okay, so these are similar to Rum Balls, but without the alcohol meaning that if you have to drive Christmas Day, you don’t have to worry about random breath testing.. They are just fun to make and pretty tasty too!

3. Pudding & Christmas Fruit Cake

These two have really similar flavours, but both are really fun to make. The pudding is definitely a lot stronger as it sits for a while and preserves and strengthens it’s flavours!

4. Brandy Snaps


These are incredibly fun and they taste great too! A lot of my family fills them with cream and ice cream but I really like them plain!

Enjoy your festive baking!

Sinead x

P.S. 11 days to go! The countdown is SO on!!


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