Making a Christmas Wreath



Welcome To Blogmas Day Twenty! Can you believe we are only five days away from Christmas!!!!

I absolutely love doing DIY projects and I had been scrolling through Pinterest and found a tonne of ideas for a DIY Christmas wreath.

So I decided to take a few different ideas and create my own!

I chose to create something from our old artificial Christmas tree sprigs, spruce them up with some gold spray paint.

I started by deforming a coat hanger and creating a circle shape.


I then laid out some packing paper (we have so much left over, but newspaper would work the same). Put the artificial Christmas tree on the paper and used some sidecutters to clip the sprigs off the wire branches.

It was super fun, however I did get myself a blister from the pliers hahah! 

I then used a Dulux metallic gold paint bright finish to coat a selection of sprigs in gold to cause the wreath to have shiny pieces and bring a pop to it!

I then just selected pieces and curled them around the coat hanger to where I wanted them.

I must say however, I really didn’t like it. It was all really plain and boring and nothing like I had expected it to be.


So I took it all off. 

And I started again.

This time I forgot to take progress shots, but I’ll explain it all anyway.

I made the coat hanger thicker with bubble wrap so that the design was fuller. Then wrapped a really thick piece of tinsel around a third of the hanger. I then popped all the bubble wrap that was remaining on the coat hanger and taped it in place, so that the hanger was still thick but not just the plain hanger wire. 

I then took a string of silver beads and wrapped it around the remaining two thirds of popped bubble wrap. On one third of the section, between the hanger hook and tinsel, I tied on green and red baubles over the top of the silver beads. 

I was and am, so much happier with this design and final product that the other one. Turned out way more Christmas-y! 

I just love it! It’s going to look so good on our front door (once I finish painting them)! 

My sister helped me with the second design and decided that the wreath looked much better as a crown.

So much fun making our own little projects! Let me know if you love making projects, and what your Christmas wreath looks like this year! 

Sinead x



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