2016 Christmas Tree 



Welcome to Blogmas Day Twenty-One!

We decided to do something a little bit different this year with our Christmas tree.. as you can tell from yesterday’s blog post I cut up our artificial green tree to use for my wreath (that didn’t end up working) and that happened because we decided to use a ladder!

The ladder tree idea had popped up a few times over the past few years on my Facebook news feed and in my Pinterest feed, and this year we sourced a ladder and decided to go for it! 

So this is the result! 

We set it up on our coffee table so that it had a bit of height and wasn’t too low. There are planks of wood threaded through the ladder steps to create the layers and then baubles were hung on nails on the planks in a pattern of silver – pink – silver – pink.

It took a really long time, but I criss-crossed the twinkle lights through and around the ladder and steps to create and ‘X’ effect; and then I wound the tinsel around the entire ladder. 

Overall I am so happy with it, it turned out so much better than I had expected it to and we only tinkered with it a few times. 

Now that we have done a ladder tree this year, I definitely think we are going to do it every year onwards and it can only get better!

What does your tree look like this year?

Sinead x

P.S. Four days until Christmas!!! 


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