Christmas Lettering Challenge



Welcome to Blogmas Day Twenty Four! Oh my goodness, CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW!!!!

Something that alot of you wouldn’t know about me, is that I absolutely love lettering! I love drawing letters and little floral pieces!

I followed someone on Instagram back in November who was running a Gilmore Girls Lettering Challenge, because Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was being released (I loooooved it), which I decided to participate in.. then she launched a Christmas Lettering Challenge, which I jumped at, seeing as I had loved the November one so much!

I only did the first few days, until I had to pack all my lettering cards and pens up for moving house and then decided to pull them back out again a few days and do the final few challenge pieces!

I love the cosy Christmas one so much, especially with the penguins!

This one however, is my absolute favourite!


Jesus is our JOY, Jesus is our HOPE, Jesus is our PEACE!

Merry Christmas Eve! Have the most wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow with your family!

I am posting the final post of Blogmas, really early tomorrow morning, then spending the day with my family!

Sinead x



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