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Looking for the Best in 2017!


Hello lovelies! Happy New Year!

I mean, its fifteen days after the fact, but who cares! Happy New Year!

You may have seen a few of my posts on Instagram about the New Year, one was explaining how super excited I was, and the one a day after it saying how bummed I was that it was New Year…

Umm, make up your mind Sinead.. Which is it?!

I realized this completely after the fact and decided to leave them both up. Why? Because there is absolutely no point in trying to hide my human emotional switcher-oo; I’m going to be real, not pretend that I don’t change my mind, or that I don’t let my brain wander into negative places sometimes.

So I’m going to be real here for a little too.. I was excited about 2017, as December ended. I have so many plans for my creative business and ideas for things I want to do with my blog, my hobbies and even my room.

The excitement was real peeps!

Then, the clock rolled over. Hello 2017! January 1st! Boo.

I suddenly felt such a burden to start the year all over again. I started thinking; are you kidding me, I have to do a whole year all over again?! Is this for real?

The blah was real now, guys.

I whispered so quickly to God about how I felt burdened and held down about the New Year that everyone was so excited about and I heard such a simple whisper.

Feelings are fickle, my daughter.

Ah.. right. Gotcha’. Feelings are fickle, they are real and they are part of our lives but they aren’t the be all and end all. Feeling a certain way doesn’t mean it is the truth. I can either choose to believe my feelings or I can choose to believe the truth; and recreate my feelings.

I genuinely believe that I became so overwhelmed that the time had officially come to start working on the things that I wanted for the year, that it was officially time to start. Time to do, time to write and create and achieve!

I chose to believe the truth;

“Come to me, all who are labor and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for you souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” ~ Matthew 11:28-30

God has my burden and I have his yoke. He has the rest for my soul, I don’t need to worry about the difficult parts, I just have to trust Him with my goals and dreams and He’ll lead me to where I want to go!

Did anyone else feel the same way when the New Year started? Anyone else’s feelings take over their logic and leave them overwhelmed at the prospect of another year?

I’ve babbled on quite enough for this post, so I’ll share with you – my goals and ‘resolutions’ of the year in a few days!

Sinead x




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