2017 Goals & Word


Hello lovely people!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend since my last blog post! I have been so super busy, I cannot even begin to explain how fast it feels like my brain is going. I honestly cannot keep up with it sometimes.

As I shared in my previous blog posts, I want to share with you all some of my goals and resolutions, my first attempt at a word for 2017 and explain them a little further!

2017 Goals

  1. Be intentional in speaking with people and loving them

Why; I have struggled for a while with speaking without thinking first and having my words be misinterpreted and misunderstood, I understand that this is something that will always happen – but I want to be purposeful in having my words encourage, reassure, give peace to the person that I’m speaking to.. I’ve also had so many of my parents friends have family with health scares in 2016, that I just don’t want to have an illness or accident hit my loved ones and I have regrets in not loving them enough.

  1. Practice and improve my lettering and design skills

Why; lettering and design are something that I could do for the rest of my life, I enjoy it more than anything I have ever done before and I believe that if you enjoy doing something you should work at being good at it. I want to get better at it, to improve and grow and use my ability for something good.

  1. Give more effort to my faith

Why; something I want to discuss further in another blog post in the future, but I allowed 2016 to be the year that I didn’t really try when it came to my faith, I didn’t bother much. I still believed, but I didn’t let my faith define my life, instead my life defined my faith. This year I want to connect with God deeper and have a more intimate relationship with Him.

  1. Pay more attention to the way that I treat, feed and nourish my body

Why; I am extremely aware of the multiple intolerances that my body has food wise as well as product wise, however, I often overlook them for the easier option. I need to accept that I have intolerances and start working within them, rather than going for the quick food options and cheap product selections.

  1. Choose joy

Why; I have a habit of dreading situations, of getting myself super worked up about a circumstance and giving myself an anxiety attack, panicking when things go slightly left instead of staying centre and being tense and slightly bitter when a situation has to be revisited. It’s a habit that I often hate myself for after the fact and makes my mood even worse, so this year I want to consciously choose joy. I want to challenge myself to be joyful and look for the best and not get worked up but do my best and trust that God will take care of the rest.

2017 Word.

I have heard so much about this recently, apparently a thing you can do is choose a word that you want to define your year. I struggled so much to nail down a word that I want for the year until I began writing a caption for one of my Instagram pictures.. I have two words to pick from..



The struggle is real.. First world problem, clearly!

I’m leaning much more towards passion.. To be passionate in more areas of my life, to be passionate about what I do, how I do things and not be so nonchalant about certain situations and decisions that need to be made.

So those are my goals and my word(s) for this year!

Do you pick goals/resolutions each year? What about a word? Has anyone done a word this year, or picked one before?

Sinead x



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