It’s so exciting that you have stumbled across this little part of the internet, that I have created to be mine and yours.

My name is Sinead (if you can pronounce it, you get ten points). You just have to pretend that there is a ‘h’Β after the S and you’re all set to go! If you’re still stuck – just imagine it says Shinade.

I’m eighteen years old, a follower of Jesus and passionate about bringing his Kingdom down to earth in whatever way I can, which for me falls into the category of blogging and the people I share my life with.


Simply Sinead May is a space I have created to share my life, my designs, my passions, my creations and to connect with other people who share the same passions and loves. I’m a simple person, I like clean spaces, messy hair, colourful pictures and bright people. I’m nowhere near perfect (that’s Jesus’ job in my opinion) and I make mistakes and I acknowledge when I do.

I love baking, calligraphy, graphic design, writing, creating, horse riding, dogs, the occasional cat, ice skating (not that I live anywhere near a rink), drawing letters, painting watercolours, reading, nature, farm living (farms, ranches, stations, properties – I’ll take the lot thanks), yet I love the city too (slight dilemma if you ask me).

I graduated high school November 2015 and in all honesty, I survived high school by means of coffee dates with my Mum (she’s the best), praise and worship in my ears, text messages to my Mum to pick me up for a ‘dentist appointment’ (I swear if I had gone to the dentist as often as I said I did – my teeth would be way straighter), a drive to get the end-of-year award for my favourite subjects and a love for Jesus and His plan for my life.

Cosy up with a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate, or tea, I personally prefer tea) and have a little look around..

Sinead X