Wedding Collection


I am so pleased to be able to introduce to you the customisable wedding/couple collection!

These little mugs are so much fun to make and such an adorable way to bless some newlyweds or even a couple that have been together for a while and you’d love to gift them something personal!

Mr & Mrs

I love these little Mr and Mrs mugs, you personalise them with the surname of the couple and the year that they got married.

On the back of the mug is the option to further customise and have a little personal touch from you to them. Whether it is a quote that defines them as a couple or a little inside joke!


Wifey and Hubby


These little ones are one of my favourites, just a young and fun way to honour the new husband and wife (and in this case, in advance). This was a little engagement gift that the fiance ordered for herself and her future Hubby!

The customisation option on the front is just the established month and year, however the back is completely customisable similar to the Mr and Mrs mugs! This particular couple had a quote and personalised it with their favourite things.


They’re just adorable aren’t they?

If you would like to bless a newlywed couple with a beautiful customised gift to help them on their way of building their home, the mugs are $30 each, however you can get two for $55.

Send me an email at or contact me through Instagram or Facebook and we can get chatting about your little gift for that special couple!

Sinead x